TS 970 – Commercial & Industrial Applications
100 - 1200A, 3 or 4 pole, Power Contactor Transfer Switch

  • Power Contactor ATS for Commercial & Industrial use
  • 100 - 1200A, 3 or 4 pole, 50/60Hz rated, 480VAC
  • 3 phase, 3 or 4 wire systems or single phase, 3 wire - 120/240VAC  (3 wire, 480V requires option kit)
  • Fast Open Transition with Inphase transfer
  • UL 1008 listed.
  • Easy to use TSC 900 ATS controller with 7" colour touch screen graphical display and programmable inputs/outputs

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 Amperage Range: 100A - 1200A
 Voltage Range: 208 - 480V
 Poles: 3 or 4 Pole
 Frequency: 50/60Hz
 Power Distribution: 3 Phase, 3 or 4 wire systems or single phase 3 wire 120/240VAC (3 wire, 480V requires option kit)
 Controller: TSC 900
 Standard Enclosure: NEMA 1 (NEMA 3R option available)
 Safety Standard: UL 1008 , CSA C22.2 No. 178
 Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 Registered
 Warranty: 2 Year



Thomson Power Systems TS 970 Automatic Transfer Switches offer the following:

Power Contactor Switching Units

  • 100% Continuous Current Ratings for use with all load types
  • High Short Circuit Withstand Ratings
  • Three Position Power Contactor with programmable neutral delay position
  • Single Coil Power Contactor Design for reliable operation
  • Jumper configurable control voltage.  No need to change solenoids
  • Electrical and Mechanical Interlocked mechanism prevents simultaneous closure between Utility and Generator sources

Superior Serviceability

  • Plug-in Control Devices allow superior field serviceability
  • Enclosed Power Contacts for safe operation and maintenance

Control Features

  • TSC 900 microprocessor based controller with 7" color touch screen graphical display and 
    programmable inputs/outputs
  • Isolation plug permits disconnecting control circuits from all power sources
  • Fast Open Transition with In-Phase Transfer


Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001 Registered

Seismic Certification

  • Standards: IBC 2018, ASCE7 - 16, ICCES - AC156 - 2015
  • Maximum Design Loads, SDS(g)=2.0, Ip=1.5, Fp/Wp-1.88


    KOTS Key Operated Test Switch - Auto/Off/Engine Start/Test 
    PPR-10 Programmable Power Relay Includes 10A Form C Contact Wired to Terminal Block (up to 3). Requires 24Vdc External Power Control 
    EMB-TCP/IP Ethernet Modbus Remote Communication Port (Modbus TCP) via GHC 
    RS485A RS 232 to RS 485 Remote Communication Adaptor 
    THS 900 Remote Communication Application - Windows Based
    *Requires EMB-TCP/IP Option 
    RA 900  Remote Annunciator (Refer to separate literature) 
    GHC-SS Sunshade for GHC Screen 
    LCK Enclosure Lockable Door (Single Point T-Handle Lock) 
    TS-H1 Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat (120VAC external power source required) 
    TS-H2Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat (internally powered from ATS load) 
    480VDELTA Control Transformers for 480V Delta Systems Without Neutral Connection (3 Phase, 3 Wire) 
    DSG Dual Standby Generator Control Package (Slave ATS). Requires 24DCC Option to Power TSC 900 
    DPG Dual Prime Generator 
    LPM Transfer Switch Load Power Metering CT Kit (Amp, Volt, Freq, kW, kVA, PF)
    **Requires CT Kit 
    CTKxxxx Current Transformer Kit for LPM (xxx-Specify CT Size 0100, 0150, 0250, 0400) 
    24DCC 24 Volt DC-DC Converter, Regulated 
    SPD Surge Protection Device 
    3 Year Additional 12 months Parts & Labour Warranty 
    5 YearAdditional 36 months Parts & Labour Warranty

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