TS 880 – Mission Critical ATS
UL 1008/ CSA 178 Certified, 800-4000 AMP Single & 3 Phase, 600V Max

The TS 880 Automatic Transfer Switches provide industry leading performance ratings for “mission critical” applications.  

  • Available from 800 amp to 4000 amp, up to 600 volt.
  • 3 and 30 cycle short circuit current ratings for electrical system coordination.
  • Options include Open or Closed-Transition, Isolation Bypass, Dual Utility/Gen Source and Service Entrance Rated.
  • Easy to use TSC 900 ATS controller providing system flexibility and a graphical color 7” touch-screen operator interface for easy viewing and operation.
  • Remote Communications available.
  • UL 1008 / CSA 22.2 No. 178 Listed

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 Amperage Range: 100A - 4000A
 Voltage Range: 208 - 600V
 Poles: 2, 3 or 4
 Frequency: 50/60Hz
 Power Distribution: Single Phase, 3 wire or 3 Phase, 4 wire
 Controller: TSC 900
 Standard Enclosure: Nema 1
 Safety Standard: UL 1008 , CSA C22.2 No. 178
 Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 Registered
 Warranty: 2 Year


Enclosed Contact Power Switching Units

  • fully enclosed silver alloy contacts provide high withstand rating & 100% continuous current rating
  • 3 cycle short circuit current withstand tested
  • completely separate utility and generator side power switching units
  • power switching units can incorporate over current protection, allowing cost savings in upstream devices
  • not damaged if manually switched while in service

Reliable Motor-Operated Transfer Mechanism

  • heavy duty brushless gear motor and operating mechanism provide mechanical interlocking and extreme long life
  • safe manual operation permits easy operation 

Superior Serviceability

  • all mechanical and control devices are visible and readily accessible Control Features
  • TSC 900 microprocessor based controller with comprehensive features
  • isolation plug permits disconnecting control circuits from all power sources

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001 Registered

Product Data

  • Models available from 100 - 4000 Amp continuous
  • Available 2, 3 or 4 pole
  • All models 50/60Hz rated
  • Voltage range 208 - 600
  • 3 Phase, 3 or 4 wire systems

Seismic Certification: TS 880 ATS is certified for installation and operation per the following requirements:

  • IBC 2006 – Section 13, Occupancy Category IV
  • ASCE7-05 Region 3 (minimum SS=342%)

Safety Standards

  • UL 1008
  • CSA C22.2 No. 178
  • SEISMIC Certification - 1BC 2006 - Section 13, Occupancy Category IV. ASCE7-05 Region 3 (Minimum SS = 342%)


OPTIONAL FEATURES: (Specify separately from ATS MODEL CODE when ordering)

AUX-BG  Generator Bypass Auxiliary Contact
AUX-BU  Utility Bypass Auxiliary Contact
AUX-G  Auxiliary Contact - Generator Side (2 included as standard, specify additional qty.)
UX-U  Auxiliary Contact - Utility Side (2 included as standard, specify additional qty.)
EAP1601  Transfer to Emergency Annunciator, Alarm Horn & Silence Pushbutton
FTL  Fail to Transfer Light
FTT Fail to Transfer Contact
GAL Generator Available Light
GBL Generator Bypass Indicating Light
GFL Generator Power Failure Light
GPA Generator Power Available Contact
GPF Generator Power Failure Contact
LCK Lockable Door
LDC Generator Pre/Post and Utility Pre/Post Timer Contact (Adjustable) for Load Disconnect Prior to  Transfer
MPC-ETN  Ethernet Remote Communication Module. Provides ModbusTM TCP Protocol. Is configurable to  communicate with up to 10 TSC 900 Controllers per system. Utilizes THS 2006 Thomson Power  Systems Host software*.
MPC-STD  Serial RS 232/422/485 Remote Communication Module. Is configurable to communicate with up  to 10 TSC 900 Controllers per sys­tem. Provides ModbusTM Protocol. Utilizes THS 2006 Thomson  Power Systems Host Software*.
RLDC Provisions for Remote Load Dump Contact
RPRNS Provisions for Remote Permissive Retransfer to Normal Signal 
RPTES Provisions for Remote Permissive Transfer to Emergency Signal
RRIS   Provisions for Remote Retransfer Inhibit Signal
RTIS Provisions for Remote Transfer Inhibit Signal
TS-DM Digital Meter (Load Side of ATS) c/w Amps, Volts, Frequency, Power Factor, kW, kVAR, Modbus™  Communications
TS-H1 Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat, (120VAC External Power Source Required)
TS-H2 Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat (Internally Powered from ATS Load)
TS-O&M  Additional ATS O&M Manuals (Specify qty.) (Alternatively download from the web)
TS ST-G  Shunt Trip Generator Switch
TS ST-U  Shunt Trip Utility Switch
UAL Utility Available Light
UBL Utility Bypass Indicating Light
UFL Utility Power Failure Light
UPA Utility Power Available Contact
UPF Utility Power Failure Contact
VFD Vacuum fluorescent display for extended low temperature operation (-20° C).


Ordering Information

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