TS 870 Bypass Isolation- Canada Only
CSA 22.2 No. 178 & No. 31, 100 - 1200A, Single & 3 Phase 600V Max

The Thomson Power Systems TS 870 bypass isolation transfer switch is used for customized applications and includes all the features of the TS 870 transfer switch described in our TS 870 Automatic Transfer Switch brochure.  The independent switching units provide a degree of reliability and redundancy not available with the ganged contactor type bypass systems.

The TS 870 bypass isolation switch incorporates two basic types for bypass-isolation. Type “B” (double-sided) isolates the transfer switch and can bypass either the utility or generator source of the load, as selected by the operator. Single-sided bypass types “D” (utility bypass) and “C” (generator bypass) can bypass only one source to the load (in accordance with CSA 282-00 - Institutional & Residential Buildings Occupancy Group B and C). Note: CSA 282-00 requires (as a minimum) a single sided bypass on the generator supply.

The TS 870 series mechanisms utilize enclosed contact power switching units which provide a 100% continuous rating. The switches are mounted independently on a common frame.

Each switching unit is equipped with an internal quick-make, quick-break mechanism as standard, and is certified to switch without de-energizing any system loads.

The single handle bypass mechanism is permanently mounted, and will not permit the sources to be interconnected. An operator has three simple steps to follow when bypassing, for servicing procedures or in cases when there is a transfer switch failure and manual transferring is required. The unique single handle bypass design allows bypassing with or without a load interruption (double-sided bypass only). Bypass and isolation position indication is permanently mounted at each switch position allowing the operator to clearly identify which mode the system is in (illuminated position indication is available as an option)

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OPTIONAL FEATURES: (Specify separately from ATS MODEL CODE when ordering)

 Amperage Range: 100A - 1200A
 Voltage Range: 208 - 600V
 Poles: 2, 3 or 4
 Frequency: 50/60Hz
 Power Distribution: Single Phase, 3 wire or 3 Phase, 4 wire
 Controller: TSC 80e
 Standard Enclosure: Nema 1
 Safety Standard: CSA 22.2 No.178 / CSA
 Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 Registered
 Warranty: Warranty:


The TS 870 bypass transfer switch offers the following outstanding features:

Enclosed Contact Power Switching Unit

  • fully enclosed silver alloy contacts provide high withstand rating & 100% continuous current rating
  • barriers between the transfer switch and bypass isolation switch reduce the chance of consequential damage if there is a failure in either the transfer switch or bypass isolation switc
  • when isolated there is no power in the transfer switch compartment providing true isolation
  • not damaged if manually switched while in service since contacts have inherent spring over center design

    Reliable Motor-Operated Transfer Mechanism
  • heavy duty brushless gearmotor and operating mechanism provide mechanical interlocking and extreme long life with minimal maintenance.
  • safe manual operation permits easy operation even under adverse conditions.
  • all control wires and power busses are front-accessible, eliminating the cost and complexity of a drawout transfer switch.

    Control Features
  • TSC 80e microprocessor based controller
  • isolation plug permits disconnecting control circuits from all power sources for safety and convenience
  • control circuitry permits complete off load testing of the transfer switch when isolated (a drawout transfer switch is not required.)

    Quality Assurance
    • ISO 9001:2000 Registered

    Product Data
    • Models from 100-1200 Amp continuous
    • Available 3 or 4 pole
    • All models 50/60Hz rated
    • Voltage range 208-600V
    • 3 phase, 3 or 4 wire systems

    Isolation Switch
  • allows bypass without load interruption (double sided bypass only).

    Safety Standards
  • CSA C22.2 No. 178/CSA C22.2 No. 31 (in accordance with CSA 282-00 - Institutional & Residential Buildings Occupancy Group B and C)
  • Seismic Certification – IBC 2405 - Section 13, Occupancy Category IV. ASCE7-OS Region 3 (minimum SS = 342%)


 AUX-G Auxiliary Contact - Generator side (up to qty. 3)
 AUX-U Auxiliary Contact - Utility side (up to qty. 3)
 CED Custom Engineered Drawings – Project Specific
 EAP1601 Transfer to Emergency Annunciator, Alarm Horn & Silence Pushbutton
 EXT Programmable Exercise Clock
 FTS-4 4 Function Test Switch (Auto/Off/Engine Start/Test)
 GPA Generator Power Available Contact
 LCK Enclosure Lockable Doo
 LDC Generator Pre/Post & Utility Pre/Post Timer Contacts (adjustable) for Load Disconnect prior to  Transfer

 LCD Service Display Module – Displays TSC 80 Controller Settings and Timer Adjustments – Plug in  Connector and Cable

 TS-H1 Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat (120VAC External Power Source Required)
 TS-H2 Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat (internally powered from ATS load)
 TS-O&M Additional ATS O & M Manuals (specify qty.)(Alternatively Download from Web)
 TS-STG Shunt Trip Generator Switch
 TS-STU Shunt Trip Utility Switch
 UPA Utility Power Available Contact



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