TS 870 – Commercial/ Industrial Market ATS
UL 1008/ CSA 178 Certified, 100-1200 AMP Single & 3 Phase 600V Max

  • Extensive set of features and ratings to meet Commercial and Industrial applications.
  • Available from 100 amp - 1200 amp single and 3 phase 600 volt.
  • Options include Service Entrance Rated, Manual operation and Nema 3R Enclosure.
  • Easy to use TSC 900 microprocessor based controller with a 7” touch-screen operator interface for easy viewing and operation
  • UL 1008 listed.

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Amperage Range: 100A - 1200A
Voltage Range: 208 - 600V
Poles: 2, 3 or 4
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Distribution: Single Phase, 3 wire or 3 Phase, 4 wire
Controller: TSC 900
Standard Enclosure: Nema 1
Safety Standard: UL 1008 , CSA C22.2 No. 178
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 Registered
Warranty:2 Year 


Thomson Power Systems TS 870 Automatic Transfer Switches offer the following outstanding features:

Enclosed Contact Power Switching Units

  • fully enclosed silver alloy contacts provide high withstand rating & 100% continuous current rating.
  • 3 cycle short circuit current withstand
  • completely separate utility and generator side power switching units.
  • power switching units can incorporate over current protection, allowing cost savings in upstream devices.
  • not damaged if manually switched while in service.

Reliable Motor-Operated Transfer Mechanism

  • heavy duty brushless gearmotor and operating mechanism provide mechanical interlocking and extreme long life.
  • safe manual operation permits operation under adverse conditions.

Superior Serviceability

  • all mechanical and control devices are visible and readily accessible.
  • all control wires and power busses are front-accessible.

Control Features

  • TSC 900 microprocessor based controller with a 7” touch-screen operator interface for easy viewing and operation
  • isolation plug permits disconnecting control circuits from all power sources.

Seismic Certification: TS 870 ATS is certified for installation and operation per the following requirements:

  • IBC 2006 – Section 13, Occupancy Category IV
  • ASCE7-05 Region 3 (minimum SS=342%)



OPTIONAL FEATURES: (Specify separately from ATS MODEL CODE when ordering)

     AUX-G Auxiliary Contact - Generator side (up to qty. 3)
     AUX-U Auxiliary Contact - Utility side (up to qty. 3)
     CED Custom Engineered Drawings - Project Specific
     EAP1601 Transfer to Emergency Annunciator, Alarm Horn &Silence Pushbutton
     FTS-4 4 Function Test Switch (Auto/Off/Engine Start/Test)
     LCK Enclosure Lockable Door
     TS-H1 Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat (120VAC External Power Source Required)
     TS-H2 Enclosure Strip Heater c/w Thermostat(internally powered from ATS load)
     TS-O&M Additional ATS O & M Manuals (Optional)
     TS-STG Shunt Trip Generator Switch
     TS-STU Shunt Trip Utility Switch
     UPA Utility Power Available Contact


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