Series 2400
Series 2400 Paralleling Switchgear is the most intelligent, advanced Switchgear available today designed specifically for use in the Power Generation Industry.

  • Configurable Switchgear for Distributed Generation, Automatic Standby or Prime Power Systems.
  • Integrated Control & Monitoring functions utilizing the PGC 4000v2 Power Gen Controller
  • Individual Manual Control & Monitoring Stations for each generator as standard
  • Low & Medium Voltage (480V to 15,000V, 10, 000 Amp)
  • Metal Enclosed or Metal Clad Construction Compliant to ANSI C37.20.1 & ANSI C37.20.2 standards
  • High Short Circuit Withstand Ratings up to 100kA and 1000 MVA
  • SEISMIC Certification - IBC 2006 - Section 13, Occupancy Category IV. ASCE7-05 Region 3 (Minimum SS = 342%)
  • Integrated Web/Internet-based Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Certified to UL 891, UL 1558 and CSA STD No. 31.

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 Amperage Range : Low Voltage: 800A - 10,000A, Medium Voltage: 1200A - 3000A
 Voltage Range : 480V - 15kV
 Application : Distributed Generation (DG), Auto Standby (AS), Prime Power (PP)
 Enclosure Type : Nema 1 or Nema 3R
 Power Distribution : 3PH, 3W or 4W
 Certification : UL, CSA and ANSI switchgear standards
 Controller : PGC 4000


• Freestanding NEMA 1 structure constructed of heavy gauge steel, painted ASA 61 gray with white interior sub-panels
• Tin-plated round edge high conductivity copper bus bars sized for 100% continuous operation braced for short circuit currents up to 100kA per UL/CSA and ANSI standards
• Switchgear structures can accommodate 480V – 15kV applications with suitably rated vacuum or air circuit breakers of drawout or fix mounted designs
• Metalclad construction is available with fully barriered breaker, bus, cable and control compartments
• Standard modular construction offers single or multiple generator applications to fit most applications. Structures available in 30” or 36” widths, and 90” or 95” heights
• Structure design meets or exceeds UL/CSA and ANSI regulatory standards as required for the specific applications
• Standard configurations available for shipment 8 – 10 weeks from date of approval


Custom options available upon request. Please contact Thomson Power Systems Sales Department at 1.888.888.0110 for information.

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