PGC 4000v2 Power Generation Controller
The PGC 4000v2 is an intelligent, integrated Power Generation Controller operating with our Series 2400 Paralleling Switchgear.


  • Run Time Configurable programming allows integration with multiple gen set manufacturers
  • PGC 4000 v2 Technology: 1Gbps LAN Network Speed Capability, PC Based Peripherals for Service Support (USB/ETHERNET), Windows 7 Compliant
  • Integrated, Revenue Grade, Utility and Generator Metering with Power Quality Measurement
  • Digital Engine-Generator Controls
  • Digital Auto Synchronizing & kW/kVAR Load Sharing
  • 17” Color Touch Screen Operator Display with Run-time Configurable Graphics.
  • Digital Protective Relaying for Generator & Utility Supply per IEEE & ANSI standards
  • High Speed/Noise Immune Ethernet-based Communications
  • Compliant with IEEE 1547 Distributed Generation Interconnect Standard
  • Certified to UL 508A.


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 Power Supply: 10 - 35 Vdc
 Temperature  Range: -5 to 50 °C
 Environmental  Rating: Nema 1
 Communication:  Ethernet 10BaseT
 Safety /  Performance  Standards: UL 508, CSA C22.2 #14 Industrial Control Equipment Certification, ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 Metering Accuracy, IEEE C37.90.2, IEEE Trial-Use Standard on Withstand Capability of Relay Systems to Radiated Electromagnetic Interference from Transceivers


  • Industry Leading Technology (1Gbps LAN Network Speed Capability
  • 10-15 Times More Processing Power = Future Feature Expansion Capability
  • PC Based Peripherals for Easier Service Support (USB/ETHERNET
  • 32 Digital Inputs (Includes 8 New Inputs on PGC 4000v2
  • 24 Digital Relay Outputs (Includes 8 New Outputs on PGC 4000v2


The PGC 4000v2 and Series 2400 Switchgear are supplied with a vast array of advanced controls and monitoring features.

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