TLB and LBO Series
Thomson Power Systems resistive test load banks utilize coiled chromium alloy load elements supported with cool cast ceramic insulators. 4.5" maximum continuous spacing is provided between each support point.

All load resistor ends are fitted with silver soldered stainless steel connection studs.Thomson’s “cool load®” resistor design guarantee slower operating temperatures and extended life in the most adverse environments.

Each “cool load®” resistor is mounted in removable load resistor frames. Load resistor frames are designed for dual pass “cool load®” resistors. Removable racks and dual pass “cool load®” resistors provide superior serviceability and reliability.

Five standard load resistor frames are used in a single or stacked configuration for load banks from 20kW to 1500kW. Custom load resistor frames are available for engine radiator fan cooled load banks. Integral, direct drive, single or three phase cooling fans provide up to 25,000 CFM per load bank. Adjustable temperature and air flow sensors are provided to guarantee safety shutdown in case of airflow failure.

Load bank control compartments are located in a heat resistant compartment. Control components include load stepping contactors, load step selector switches and fault indicators. Optional features include AC metering, integral over-current protection and automatic load step control.

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 Loadbank Rating : 80kW - 700kW
 Voltage : Single or multivoltage
 Frequency : 50/60Hz
 Enclosure Type : TLB - Nema 1, LBO - Nema 3R
 Safety Standard : UL & CSA Certified



• Thomson offers two models of portable, single or multivoltage resistive test load banks: TLB-H and TLB-V. For other customized models, please consult factory.
• TLB-H models from 80 kW to 650 kW. The cooling air moves horizontally across the cool load elements. The enclosure is constructed of 16 gauge galvanized steel,
rests on four 6” neoprene castors and is complete with a steel push handle. Local control and instrumentation is conveniently positioned at the top right side of the load
bank. A weather sealed lockable cover protects all instrumentation and control.
• TLB-V models from 300kW to 650kW. The cooling air moves vertically across the cool load elements. The enclosure is constructed of 10 gauge aluminum, rests on four 6” neoprene castors and is complete with a steel push handle. The load bank width of 32” permits passage through typical access doors and elevators.
• Both the TLB-H & TLB-V models utilize test power for fan motor and control. Provisions for connections to an external source are provided. When testing is confined to an
area with restricted air discharge or ceiling equipped with heat sensors, the TLBV load bank is designed to operate on its side with horizontal air discharge.
• Thomson offers two models of fixed mounted resistive test load banks: LBI and LBO.
• The LBI and LBO series load banks are fixed mount indoor or outdoor single voltage units and the cooling air moves horizontally. A remote load step control panel is provided as standard equipment for the LBI and LBO models. Auto load step control is optional.

THOMSON resistive test load banks are utilized in testing the following power sources:

• Engine Generators 
• Wind Generators
• Turbine Generators 
• UPS Systems
• Battery Systems


• Automatic load control automatic load sensing controller maintains a constant load on the power source. There are up to 12 adjustable set-points and a kW load transducer.
When the load decreases below preset limits the load bank automatically adds load steps to the source. When the load increases above the preset limits, the load steps will
automatically drop off.

To satisfy typical generator loading requirements, the load bank is normally sized between 75% and 100% of maximum generator capacity. The automatic load control incorporates a Man-Off-Auto mode selector. When the manual position is selected all load steps can be switched on and off (LBI and LBO only).

• Digital metering system
• Elevated mounting stand (maximum of 36” high) (LBO series only)
• Trailer mounting skid (maximum of 15” high) (LBO series only)
• Load circuit breaker with enclosure for remote installation at the generator
• Integrally mounted molded case circuit breaker or molded case switch (LBO & LBI series only)
• Special paint
• Overvoltage protection
• Snow guards
• Intake air filters
• Single phase control (up to 300kW maximum)
• Custom load steps
• Exhaust louvres (replaces standard hoods)
• Fused steps

NOTE: For optional features not listed, contact Thomson Power Systems. Specifications subject to change without notice.



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