New PGC 4000v2 Power Generation Controller Features



The PGC 4000 is an intelligent integrated full featured Power Generation Controller.  The PGC

4000 controller is the power behind the Thomson Power System Series 2400 Paralleling

Switchgear System which provides flexible standard designs that allow automatic paralleling of

single or multiple generators for applications including Distributed Generation, Automatic

Standby and Prime Power. The new PGC 4000 provides industry leading processing power

with dual 1 Gbps Ethernet Network Communication ports for superior communication reliability

and speed.

The PGC 4000 can be configured to operate on low or medium voltage systems and can be

applied with a variety of generator set manufacturers and prime movers including diesel or gas

reciprocating engines and gas or steam driven turbines. The PGC 4000 integrates a vast array

of advanced control and monitoring features with Thomson Power Systems unique runtime

configurability feature. Some of the advanced integrated features include utility/generator 

revenue grade power metering, protective relaying, engine control, automatic synchronizing and 

automatic kW/kVAR load sharing.

The PGC 4000’s full color, touch screen, graphical operator interface display combined with

Thomson’s Internet/web ready Ethernet communications make it the most user friendly,

integrated power generation system controller on the market. By incorporating advanced

communications interfaces, the PGC 4000 can operate in harmony with any PLC or building

management system, providing maximum equipment utilization and total energy management.


  • Industry Leading Technology (1Gbps LAN Network Speed Capability)
  • 10-15 Times More Processing Power = Future Feature Expansion Capability
  • PC Based Peripherals for Easier Service Support (USB/ETHERNET)
  • Dual Ethernet Ports
  • 32 Digital Inputs (Includes 8 New Inputs on PGC 4000v2)
  • 24 Digital Relay Outputs (Includes 8 New Outputs on PGC 4000v2


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