TSC 900
The Thomson Power Systems TSC 900 Transfer Switch Controller utilizes the latest advancements in microcontroller technology, surface mount printed circuit board assembly and advanced programming firmware for control of automatic transfer switches.

The TSC 900 Transfer Switch Controller available in 870 & 880 Transfer Switch's, provides the most advanced integrated technology available for use in Thomson Power Systems Automatic Transfer Switches.

Superior features include:

• Integrated Controls for Open and Closed Transition Transfer Switch Applications
• Latest Technology 32 Bit Microcontroller Architecture provides fast, accurate reliable operation
• Graphical Color 7” Touch-Screen Operator Interface for easy viewing and operation
• Advanced 3 phase Voltage Sensing using symmetrical component Algorithms for True Single Phasing Protection
• Integrated 3 Phase Power Metering
• USB and Ethernet Remote Communication connectivity
• Programmable set-points and calibration via USB interface to PC

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 Applications: Controller Hardware Features: 
 • Automatic Emergency Standby ATS • Graphical 7” WVGA (800x480) Color Touch Screen Display
 • Open or Closed Transition Transfer Control • Plug-in Terminal Connectors
 • Closed Transition Fast Transfer or Soft-Load Transfer Capability • Removable SD Memory Cards
 • Load Transfer Utilizing Neutral Delay or In-Phase Monitor • 120-600V Direct 3 Phase Voltage Sensing (Gen/Utility/Load)
 • Dual Source Utility • 5 Amp, 3 Phase Current Transformer Inputs for ATS Load
 • Dual Source Generators (Master/Slave) • 120VAC/24Vdc Control Power Input (Utility/Gen)
 • Dual Prime Generators • 16 Programmable Digital Inputs
 • Service Entrance • 8 Programmable Relay Contact Outputs (2A, 250VAC, 30VDC)
 • Isolation Bypass Switches • 2 Dedicated Engine Start Contacts (7A, 30VDC)
 • Single Phase or 3 Phase Systems, 100A-4000A ATS Mechanisms • Optional Ethernet Communication Port (GHC)
 • 120-600VAC 3 phase, 3 Wire/4 wire (Auto Config.-No PT Required) • 2 RS232 Serial Communication Ports
 • 5kV-25kV 3 phase, 3 Wire/4 wire (with External PT) • 3 USB 2.0 Communication Ports


 Control and Monitoring Features:  
 • Integrated 3 Phase Power Metering • Integrated In-Phase Monitor (For fast transfer type ATS only)
 • Voltage Sensing, True RMS, 3 Phase (Utility/Gen/Load) • ModbusTM RTU (Serial) or TCP Communication Protocol
 • Under Voltage/Over Voltage Protection Set Points (Utility and Gen) • Multi-Voltage programmability
 • Single Phasing Voltage Protection • User Configurable System 3 phase 4 wire or 3 wire, 50/60 Hz
 • System Phase Sequence/Phase Rotation Detection • Remote Load Test/Peak Shave Input
 • Under/Over Frequency Protection Set Points (Utility and Gen) • Load Shed Programmable Output
 • Engine warm-up timer 0-60 sec. (adjustable) • Pre/Post Transfer Load Disconnect Control Output
 • Utility return timer 0-30 min. (adjustable) • On Board Real-Time clock c/w battery back-up & daylight-savings
 • Neutral position delay timer 0-60 sec. (adjustable) • Event Logging (Time/date stamped)
 • Engine cooldown timer 0-30 min. (adjustable) • Data Export via Removable SD Memory Card for PC
 • Engine start timer 0-60 sec. (adjustable) • Security Password Enabled Programming Access
 • Plant Exerciser Timer (Calendar Based) • Front Panel Programming –All Parameters
 • Test & Exercise Operation Modes • Source Available/Source Connected Status Mimic Bus






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